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1969 Other

Location: Florida    Price: 4200

 Vehicle Info:
Exterior Color:  Red Transmission: Automatic
Interior Color:  Black Engine: Original
Body Style Hardtop Mileage: 50000

1969 Squareback - Original Miles Price: 4200 I have a 69 VW Squareback that was initially purchased as a project car for my daughter. Here is the downside: One of the back door hinges pulled loose and needs to be welded (you can see it in the one photo) Needs a new battery (since the car is not being used the juice in the battery has been sucked dry) The person who owned the car before us stripped it and started with a paint job but never got past the base color - could be a positive or a negative if you want to do something really amazing with the paint job. Or just needs the gloss over the matt to be sprayed on. Since they did the paint, the wiring (e.g. lights and indicators) all need to be checked and needs to be put back together). Rust under the battery and I believe under the front feet area. (I can see the rust under the battery but did not see the rust under the front but has been told that it's there) Also some rust of the bumpers - but remember these were not the plastic bumpers they make today - these are the real deal - easy to fix No title. Since the car belonged to an old lady (one owner and was given to her grandson from who we purchased it) and stood in a garage for many years there was never a need to a title (or so I was told) but I have all the papers that I got when I purchased the car and these include all the paperwork needed I believe to obtain a title. The upside: The body is still in really great shape. Original radio Original EVERYTHING When we jump start the battery the little thing hums and drives just like a VW should. Very easy to drive and since it is an automatic it makes it even easier and would have been a perfect car for my daughter. It's a VW - once it's had someone pay attention to it it will run forever. I was told it is all original miles and if that is the case the motor has years on it since it is under 50K miles. Our downside: We completed a rendering based on what we wanted to do with her, it is the green picture in the post. I am open to negotiation but we are not just letting her go for nothing. So please if you want to make an offer, be reasonable. If you know anything about these cars they are not so easily available, in original shape and original parts. (There are a few bits and pieces that were removed for the paint job that's in a box in the vehicle) I have driven this sweet little thing. On the road. She runs really well and smoothly. I have put off having to do this but we have no choice. Please we want to make this as painless as possible.

Contact Info:
Name: Veronica Phone: 720-256-5348
Listed By: Owner E-mail: Click To Email Seller

Location: St Petersburg, Florida, 33703   Show me location


Front bumper has a little rust

What we wanted to do with her

Top hindge that needs to be welded

Great quick project

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